We can launch your innovation journey

AI Readiness Assessments

We work with you on assessing your existing base of data and exploring where innovation can be applied to help achieve your business goals.

The outcome of the assessment is a valuation of your digital and data assets, suggested areas technology can be applied to deliver value, projected benefits and next steps.

Live Prototypes

Discovering what technology and innovation work for you need not be a lengthy an expensive process. We build working prototypes and proofs of concepts allowing you to see the value and inform future investment.

AI Forecasts

Combining Artificial Intelligence with the classical statistical approach results in predictions and forecasting accuracy far beyond what you though was possible.

Taking into account holistic data improves the accuracy of your forecast and continuous learning allows it to improve and adapt over time.

Clients We Worked With

Is your business AI ready?

We work with you to discover your existing structured and unstructured data, as well as your technology landscape. That allows us to provide a realistic assessment of your the AI readiness. The assessment identifies any gaps you need to capture so you can realize the full power of AI.