About Us

We are a small team with big experience in building business growth through technology innovation.

The intellectual property we have built over the years can be leveraged to rapidly develop live prototypes you can use to get real world learnings and obtain real world value.

Our Approach

– Conduct a stock-take of your data and digital assets
– Provide a valuation report highlighting opportunities
– Advise how your digital assets, combined with technology innovation can be leveraged to achieve your business goals
– Develop a live prototype of the solution you choose to explore
– Work with your business to try the solution and assess the results
– Provide design and guidance to take the prototype to production

We are experts in these technologies

Machine Learning is a mature branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology The artificial “brain” has the capacity to learn, remember and analyze a holistic set of historical data.

Unlike a person, the artificial “brain” never tires, able to make millions of connections and only get more and more accurate over time. Our expertise lies in image processing and image recognition models, neural networks, clustering and natural language processing.

Machine Learning

Applying route optimization techniques to planned movements such as deliveries or stock picking can deliver significant savings in time and labor and allow you to maximize throughput.

We work with a variety of technologies such as Google APIs, Open Door Logistics, Open Street Map as well as proven data science to build advanced route optimization solutions.

Route Optimization

Visualizing and interrogating spatial data to provides a fresh view to decision making. We provide a variety of services including geocoding, geofencing, spatial queries, geographical and geometrical analysis.

Spatial Analysis

Combining Artificial Intelligence with the classical statistical approach and modern data science results in predictions and forecasting accuracy far beyond what you though was possible.

Taking into account holistic data improves the accuracy of your forecast and continuous learning allows it to improve and adapt over time.


Where do we start?

Connect with us for to discuss your specific needs and ideas or simply to explore the possibilities of extracting new value from your existing data and digital assets .