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Power of Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a mature branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, that can produce results that can seem like magic. The artificial “brain” has the capacity to learn, remember and analyse a holistic set of historical data. The results of this learning can empower decisions – from customer segmentation and tailored promotions, to new approaches to cost control. Unlike a person, the artificial “brain” never tires, able to make millions of connections and only get more and more accurate over time.

Better Use of Your Data Assets

Most organisations have built up vast amounts of data over the years. This is more than your data warehouse or ERP – everything like e-mails, documents, voice recordings, NPS surveys and photographs are a digital representation of your business’ history.

When used to train your very own Machine Learning artificial “brain” this unstructured data can deliver insights you have never thought possible. From suggesting sales prospects to identifying fraud, fine-tuning communications to investment decisions – this approach has proven to drive real value to the bottom line.

Eerily Accurate Forecasts

Combining Artificial Intelligence with the classical statistical approach results in predictions and forecasting accuracy far beyond what you though was possible.

Taking into account holistic data improves the accuracy of your forecast and continuous learning allows it to improve and adapt over time.

Start your journey with us

We are a small team with big experience, tools and capability. We focus purely on adding value through innovation. Our simple approach will help you take the first step towards a lifetime of value.

Assess. Imagine.

We work with you on assessing your existing base of data and exploring where innovation can be applied to help achieve your business goals.

Proof of Concept. Prototype.

Discovering what technology and innovation work for you need not be a lengthy an expensive process. We build working prototypes and proofs of concepts allowing you to see the value and inform future investment.

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Why Choose Us?

We bring a practical and clear approach you will find refreshing. Investing in assessment and a proof of concept allows you to experience the value in real life before committing to a much larger technology investment.

We have a track record of applying the latest technologies to drive tangible benefits. Our approach means you will be investing in your bottom line – through technology, rather than funding another technology project with vague results and washed out benefits.

The proof of concept stage is key to the success of any technology implementation, and yet these are often skipped in favour of lengthy analysis and single final design attempt. We build prototypes and “proof of concept” solutions that you can use – in real life and see real results.

Learnings from the proof of concept inform your direction for the wider implementation. Building on the proof of concept allows you to refine your design and technology choices, identify unknown dependencies and reduce the overall cost of the wider technology projects.

Is your business AI ready?

We work with you to discover your existing structured and unstructured data, as well as your technology landscape. That allows us to provide a realistic assessment of your the AI readiness. The assessment identifies any gaps you need to capture so you can realise the full power of AI.

Prototype. Take innovation for a test drive

Prototyping is integral to the engineering practice, but is rarely applied in software projects. We build live prototypes – of machine learning models, forecasts, mobile solutions. This lets you test drive the results before you commit to the final spend. Try innovation before you buy?

Your Trusted Partners

Real world learnings

It’s easy to fall for shiny promises and fancy words, but the real world is not always clear cut. Conducting a proof of concept will capture learnings you would not be able to access otherwise. Are the users ready, or do you need to invest in training? Are you missing the capture of key pieces of data that impact the accuracy of your forecast? You may find compliance gaps that can get in the way. The value of real world learnings is real and leads to a better outcome than taking the plunge uninformed.

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